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FILL SERVICES Breathing Gases

Breathing Gas

Fill services and breathing gas.

Hyper-pure, accurate gas fills are at the very heart of our business. The key to clean, accurate fills is the proper tools, and we have a Bauer high-volume compressor, Haskell gas boosters, and the Tri-Hunter 6000 Trimix Mixing Stick and the largest bank of air and Nitrox in Northern Virginia. If you need breathing gas - we have you covered.

All the breathing gases we offer are all oxygen-compatible.  We are currently banking pre-made Enriched Air/Nitrox which allows you to safely purchase our Enriched Air/Nitrox in your non-oxygen clean cylinders without expensive cleaning fees and time consuming cylinder service.

We offer:

  • Hyper-Pure Air
  • Enriched Air/Nitrox - 22- 40%
  • Decompression Gas - 41% - 99%
  • Normoxic Trimix - As Specified
  • Hypoxic Trimix - As Specified

Breathing Gas Prices

Hyper-Pure Air $7.50/tank
Nitrox 32 Pre-Mix $15.00/tank
Nitrox 36 Pre-Mix $15.00/tank
Custom Nitrox Mix 21%-40% $0.25/cf
Custom Deco Mix 41%-99% $0.50/cf
Helium $2.35/cf
Blending fee for non-banked blending    $10.00/ea
Argon $0.85/cf

Normoxic and Hypoxic Trimix is priced per cubic foot + hookup charge for doubles and rebreather bottles.


  • Customer cylinders must have valid Hydro and Annual Visual Inspection
  • Valid diver certification required for blended gas
  • Cylinders are filled to rated working pressure
  • Allow 7 to 10 days for custom blends