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DAN Diving First Aid - DAN Diving First Aid
DAN Divers Alert Network

No, you don’t have to be a dive “professional” to take DAN’s most comprehensive dive preparedness program. Originally designed for scientific divers, DFA Pro is now open to all divers who want to be more confident and prepared to handle a range of dive emergency situations. DFA Pro satisfies the CPR/First Aid prerequisite for PADI Rescue, Divemaster and other courses and also meets OSHA’s workplace requirements. DFA Pro combines four DAN courses:
 CPR Health-Care Provider with First Aid
 Neurological Assessment
 Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries
 First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries
Course fee of $275 includes online course manual, slates for all four component courses, course supplies and DAN certification card. PADI Specialty Certifications also available for O2, Neuro and Hazardous Marine Life for PADI processing fee.
Divers completing DFA Pro who hold a Rescue or higher certification may apply for recognition as a DAN Diving Emergency Specialist ($20 application fee), which includes
 Waterproof Diving Emergency Specialist certification card;
 DES certificate; and
 DES shoulder patch
Contact DAN Instructor Trainer #11511 Earl Glock for details

This event has no more dates and cannot be signed up to.
$275.00 - $275.00 Tax Incl.
Certification Cards:DAN DES Card & Patch (+$20.00)PADI O2 Specialty Card (+$38.00)PADI Neurological Assessment Specialty Card (+$38.00)PADI Hazardous Marine Life Specialty Card (+$38.00)

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