Diver Training Forms

Before you can get in the water it's necessary to dive into forms! Forms are part of the dive lifestyle, but there's no better time to complete the forms than at your leisure. We provide the most common forms for diver training conveniently on this page. Please download and complete individual forms for each student diver.

All participants must complete the corresponding online waivers below.  Additionally, depending on your responses, some particpants may also need to get medical waiver signed by their doctor.

Bubblemaker All-In-One Waiver

For participants in our Bubblemaker pool program.

Discover Scuba All-In-One Waiver

For participants in our Discover Scuba pool program.

Open Water Student All-In-One Waiver

Open water student adults and minors age 12+.  Also for professional certifications (Divemaster, IDC, etc.)

Youth (Age 10-11) Open Water Student All-In-One Waiver

Waiver only open water students age 10 or 11.

Continuing Education Student All-In-One Waiver 

(10038 equivalent for ReActivate, Advanced Open Water,  Rescue Diver, Specialties except NITROX).

NITROX Add-On Waiver 

Only for enriched air specialty students taking part in in-water dives.  Not required for classroom-only course.

Travel & Excursion All-In-One Waiver

For travel to Florida, Roatan, etc.

Shore Diving All-In-One Waiver

For local dives at Lake Phoenix, Dutch Springs, etc led by Blue Octopus Scuba staff

Direct link to Lake Phoenix waivers:

Lake Phoenix Non-Certified Student Waiver

For students taking open water or discover scuba at Lake Phoenix

Lake Phoenix Certified Student Waiver

For all other divers going to Lake Phoenix

Downloadable forms:

adobe.pngMedical Statement - 10063

adobe.pngCourse Referral Form - 10556

adobe.pngSafe Diving Practices - 10060

adobe.pngLiability Release and Non-Agency Disclosure - 10072

 adobe.pngRelease For Media Recording

Master SCUBA Diver Application:

adobe.pngMaster SCUBA Diver Application - 10142

Enriched Air Diver:

adobe.pngEnriched Air Diver Liability Release - 10078

Technical Diving:

Technical diving forms require a witness so we can't accept them online at this time.  They must be filled out the old fashioned way.

adobe.pngTechnical Safe Diving Practices - 10517

adobe.pngTechnical Diver Statement and Learning Agreement - 10267

adobe.pngTechnical Diver Liability Release Form - 10266

adobe.pngRelease For Media Recording

Medical Statement Information

All Student Divers must complete a Medical Statement (included in student online waiver) prior to participating in in-water activities.  The Medical Statement informs you of some potential risks involved in scuba diving and the conduct required of you during the scuba training program.  Please complete the Medical Statement honestly and accurately to the best of your knowledge by answering “YES” or “NO” to each question. 

If you must answer “YES” to any questions in the online waiver medical section, or you’re participating in a Professional or Technical Program a physician must review the downloadable Medical Statement - 10063 and sign it prior to in-water segments of the scuba training program.  In addition, if your medical condition changes at any time during your scuba training program it is important that you inform your instructor immediately.

Your signature on the Medical Statement is required for you to participate in the scuba training program.

It is your responsibility to complete the Medical Statement before your scheduled in-water training session.  Failure to complete the Medical Statement in a timely manner will prevent your participation. 


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