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Blue Octopus Scuba instructor Tuck has relocated to Mississippi and is offering PADI Open Water, Advanced Open Water, and Enriched AIr Specialty courses from his new location.  Each course can either be instructor taught or online via eLearning.  After registration Tuck will contact students directly to coordinate class dates.

PADI Open Water with Instructor Led Training or eLearning

Advanced Open Water with Instructor Led Training or eLearning

Enriched Air Specialty with Instructor Led Training or eLearning

Medical Statement

All diving students participating in scuba education programs must be medically qualified prior to entering the water wearing scuba equipment.  If you answer "YES" to any question(s) on the medical statement portion of the waiver, you are required to download the Medical Statement below and have a Medical Doctor complete page two certifying you are medically eligible to participate.  To avoid having to reschedule your training dives, please have this form completed in advance of your class date.   If all of your medical answers are "NO" then the online waiver is sufficient.

Open Water Student All-In-One Waiver

Open water student adults and minors age 12+. 

Youth (Age 10-11) Open Water Student All-In-One Waiver

Waiver only open water students age 10 or 11.

Continuing Education Student All-In-One Waiver 

For Advanced Open Water students.

NITROX Add-On Waiver 

Only for enriched air specialty students taking part in in-water dives.  Not required for classroom-only course.

Those with any "YES" answers please have form below completed by your doctor prior to in-water class.

Download Medical Statement

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