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Two store events May 26th

May 08 2018

Our swap meet is wrapped up and we have two new events on the calendar May 26th.  If you couldn't find what you wanted at the swap meet come on all day for our mega tent sale, 20-65% marked prices.  Second, in our classroom our Course Director Earl Glock is teaching the  DAN Diving First Aid For Professional Divers.  Not just for pros, the class is open to everyone.  Topics include CPR Health-Care Provider with First Aid, Neurological Assessment, Emergency Oxygen for Scuba Diving Injuries, and First Aid for Hazardous Marine Life Injuries.  To register or for more information click here. 

Tent Sale April 28th

Feb 12 2018

Bring out the old, make room for new or earn some cash.  April 28th bring out your old, unwanted scuba gear, hang out with friends, and swap or sell for cash.  No fee but please RSVP to Blue Octopus Scuba.

Dive and Home Safety

Jan 22 2018

None of us plan to have accidents while diving or in the home but they happen.  Blue Octopus Scuba has just graduated the latest class of Emergency First Responder Instructors last week, nad has just announced a sale on Emergency First Responder and Emergency Oxygen Provider classes.  Book any EFR or EOP class in March 2018 and receive a 10% discount.  The classes are open to divers and non-divers alike, and skills can be used at the dive site or in the home.

Batteries and Winter Months

Jan 05 2018

Many of us take a pause from local diving during the winter months.  Some of the manufacturers, Shearwater Research, manufacturer of the popular Shearwater Perdix AI, suggest removing batteries before storing your device.  So check your camera, computer, transmitter, or flashlight to make sure it's properly stored.

My computer broke, it won't sync!

Jun 03 2017

The Perdix AI is the mac-daddy (definition #3 if you're checking Merriam-Webster) of dive computers.  It's bright, easy to read, handles helium and rebreathers if you want it to, and displays my air integrated pressure from not one but TWO tanks simultaneously.  I sidemount so that’s a useful feature for me.  Did I mention it’s bright and easy to read?  No prescription lens or contacts required.  YMMV on the last part.

So you can imagine my distress when my Shearwater Perdix AI stopped synching with my computer.  First I blamed the Perdix, then I blamed my computer, then I blamed the last Shearwater update.  Turns out it wasn't the hardware or Shearwater after all.  The latest Microsoft Windows 10 Update (aka Creator's Update) apparently broke Bluetooth LE for a lot of devices.

Here's a link to Shearwater Research's blog describing the problem.

Just to make sure I hid the Microsoft update before it updated my laptop (the new way to block an update).  Sure enough, I can sync with my laptop pre-update but not my desktop post-update.  Apple and Android devices are unaffected so I can still check my SAC rate albeit in a smaller screen.  Shearwater is also hard at work on their Cloud for desktop.

The Perdix is also available in the non-AI version for those who will never check their SAC rate or prefer to do the calculations by hand.

How to choose a mask for diving

Aug 14 2016

So when you walk into your local dive shop and see all the variety of masks on the wall, do you feel overwhelmed? Don’t know what questions to ask, let alone where to start? Well, let’s keep it simple. And start with single or double lens mask. Do you know the different and, which do you prefer?

Coral Safe Skin Care Products

Aug 06 2016

I’m usually not a pusher of skin care products, as many of you who know me see as I’m walking around the shop, but I have to say I tried some of the Mexitan products we recently started carrying while I was away last weekend and I think I finally found an anti-bug spray I like. It doesn’t leave that sticky residue, nor smell like I’m spraying chemicals all over my body. Once my family got wind of what I was doing, everyone wanted to try it. I even used it on my dogs in the yard once I got back home. It’s completely safe for pets and children with the primary ingredients being Citronella, lemongrass and peppermint oil. Currently, we’re carrying anti-bug spray, Coral Safe 30 SPF Sunscreen, Dark Tanning Spray, Aloe Vera Gel, Zinc Face Stick, and Zinc Lip Balm.

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