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Blue Octopus Scuba is able to offer in-house maintenance and repairs on all the brands we sell, and most major brands of Scuba equipment. We have in-house technicians able to service Atomic Aquatics, Cressi-Sub, Dive RiteOceanic, Sherwood, SpareAir, TUSA, and Zeagle.

In the event we are unable to service your equipment in-house our technicians will send your equipment to the original equipment manufacturer or a certified repair facility.  

Please reference the equipment service turn-around chart to estimate the lead time required to properly maintain your equipment.


Why do I need annual service on my gear if I only use it 1-2 times a year?

Salt crystals and minerals accumulate on surfaces and rubber o-rings deteriorate over time. To assure your scuba equipment is working as designed annual service is required to replace worn o-rings, clogged filters, lubricate, and clean parts which are otherwise difficult or impossible to rinse without disassembling the regulator

My regulator has not been used in five years, does it need service?

Each regulator manufacturer publishes a mandatory service interval for their life-support equipment which is generally 1-Calendar Year or 300 dives.   It is recommended you do not exceed the manufacturer's service interval threshold to assure the regulators are performing as designed.    Note:  Failure to maintain equipment per the recommended service interval may void the warranty. 

Does my BCD need service too?

Yes.  The low pressure inflator mechanism requires lubrication and fresh o-rings to prevent leaking and sticking.  Additionally, the over-pressure valve springs must be tested and the air bladder should be checked for leaks annually.

Equipment Service Turn-Around
 Annual Service  21 days
 Cylinder Visual  7 days
 Cylinder Hydro  14 days
 Assessments  7 days
 Gear Assembly  same day (as practical)

Please inquire about other services.

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